National Farmers Union 117th Convention – Bellevue, Washington


In April, 2019, American Promise Minnesota and Clean Elections Minnesota presented Winning Back Our Democracy for the People, Not the Money; a program which included a lecture, a film, and questions and answers by Pulitzer Prize-winning former New York Times reporter and editor and Emmy award-winning producer / correspondent Hedrick Smith. In his film The People vs. The Politicians, Smith tells the inspiring story of six of the many successful grassroots victories being won across the nation by citizens determined to win back our representative voice in politics.  

Smith’s YouTube channel explains:For every flaw in our political system today – rigged elections, dark money, vote suppression, ‘Citizens United’, billionaire donors drowning out average voters – citizen reformers have found answers. People Power is winning back our democracy. Americans are fed up with corporate and billionaires drowning out average voters and partisan warfare paralyzing Washington. More and more ordinary people realize that politicians won’t fix our broken political system, so ‘It’s Up to Us.’ “

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